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After the Miami Heat beat the Thunder in game 5 to win the NBA Championship, they smiled. They smiled because they knew that their fans, not only had another Championship, but they were probably going to buy a pair of Miami Heat Slippers by Comfy Feet. The season MVP and NBA Finals MVP, LeBron James has given a few interviews about his life, this season and what a Championship has meant to him. But, he hasn’t reached out to us yet to talk about Miami Heat Slippers.

LeBron James went to Miami in 2010 and guaranteed multiple Championships while General Manager Pat Riley just watched. The Heat went to the finals, but lost to a more fundamentally sound Dallas Mavericks. The sports media expected instant greatness; well, Bron Bron did guarantee around seven rings. They delivered on James’ championship guarantee the second year of his Heat reign. In retrospect, that is quite impressive. How many great players change teams, go to the finals the first year, and win in the second?

Perhaps this isn’t such greatness. The Heat were already a playoff contender before LeBron joined the team in 2010. They made the playoffs eight times in the ten years prior to James’ arrival and won the Championship once. At this point, only time will tell what level of greatness Lebron James will achieve. Will he surpass Magic? Rival Jordan? They say that after the first championship is won, a great player becomes better, but for now we’re still waiting for Bron Bron to talk to us about Miami Heat Slippers.

Lebron James