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Carolina Panthers Twelve Pack Cooler

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Carolina Panthers Twelve Pack Cooler Details

The Twelve Pack neoprene portable beverage tote is a party starter! Its compact design is convenient to carry anywhere the party takes you. Fill it with an assortment of bottled and canned beverages to your liking. Twelve individual compartments means it protects and insulates each individual drink. It includes two interior chambers to hold gel packs or ice packs (not included) so your drinks stay extra cold. It's the ultimate carrier for those who like to share with friends. Don't wait for an invitation. Pack up your Twelve Pack and get the party started!
Heavy-duty, form-fitting neoprene sponge; Twelve individual insulated compartments, sized to hold most 12 oz. aluminum cans, 0.5-liter plastic bottles, and 17 oz. glass bottles or a combination of all three; Two integrated slots for ice packs or gel packs; Neoprene-wrapped carry handles and a shoulder strap; Large, exterior utility pocket; 12 Die-cut holes to loop over bottlenecks to hold them in place


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